Art Prints | The Selfish Giant | Lucy Loveheart

This touching story by Oscar Wilde tells the tale of a selfish Giant who returns to his beautiful garden after seven years, to find it overrun with children. After building a wall to keep them out the garden falls into a permanent state of winter. One day he discovers that it is spring again in the garden and he realises that this must be because the children had found their way back into the garden. There are many interpretations to the meaning of this well loved fable and for any artist it is a beautiful piece of work to illustrate.


Product details:

  • High quality print on archival acid-free paper using light-fast inks
  • Displayed in an off-white presentation mount
  • Size with mount 40 x 50cm (fits standard frame)
  • Size of print 24.5 x 35.5cm
  • All prints are hand-decorated with a sprinkle of magic and glitter