Chiswick House & Gardens

Earthly Paradise

Lucy was invited by 'Chiswick House & Gardens Trust' to paint this most beautiful and historic national treasure. This classical Palladian style house with gardens is of huge cultural significance and reputed to be the birthplace of the English Landscape Movement. Lucy has painted the main features of the garden within a decorative border interwoven with bees and flowers grown in the gardens, including 'Middlemist Red' Camellia, one of the worlds rarest plants. The centrepiece depicts a lavish party with many of the illustrious characters associated with the house, and creatures from the menagerie that was once there. She has also painted some of the architects and owners from former generations including, most notably, Georgiana Cavendish 'The Duchess of Devonshire' who described it as her 'Earthly Paradise'.

Bluebell Heaven

Lucy is drawn to the magic of the beautiful bluebell flower, and has painted a secret bluebell wood near to her house over many years. This new collection celebrates this lovely flower in lots of different settings, including Mannington Hall and the wonderful Walpole estate.

Looking for an extra special gift?

Lucy has a wonderful collection of art, featuring everything from the seaside to cities, festive fun to your favourite animals. There's something for everyone!

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