Young At Heart

Whatever your age, you are never too young to play and daydream and take a bit of time out. Simple pleasures can sometimes be the perfect treasures.

One of my favourite pastimes is daydreaming and imagining and thinking about my favourite things. This underrated art is free, fun and requires little more than your imagination. Find a lovely peaceful comfortable place and take a moment to relax. Slowly start to imagine being anything you want to be, a pirate sailing on the seven seas, a unicorn prancing in the enchanted forest, a mermaid swimming in seaweed forests searching for jewels and pearls, a wizard or a fairy making magic spells…… your dreams you can go wherever you want to go and be anything you want to be. It really is magical.

Here are some paintings etc inspired by my dreams and thoughts of faraway places and magical worlds. Letting my imagination run free…