Art Prints | Lost In France | Lucy Loveheart

Many years ago, Lucy and her friends were staying in France. While they were there, they went on a day trip to see some friends who were living nearby .The friends lived in a secluded mill house, miles from anywhere, at the end of a long, winding, steep, rutted track. During the visit the calm sunny day was interrupted by a freak storm and conditions were so dangerous they had to stay the night on makeshift beds and sofas. The rustic house and setting were beautiful and left a lasting impression on Lucy. Their adventure there, and sense of being lost in the wilds, was an inspiration.


Product details:

  • High quality print on archival acid-free paper using light-fast inks
  • Displayed in an off-white presentation mount
  • Size with mount 40 x 50cm (fits standard frame)
  • Size of print 24.5 x 35.5cm
  • All prints are hand-decorated with a sprinkle of magic and glitter