Greeting Cards | Country Garden | Lucy Loveheart

This is the central piece from a series of  images and which pay homage to Lucy Loveheart’s love of rustic life in the country and her appreciation of naïve and folk art. Lucy's home and studio are at the end of a long quiet country lane, surrounded by open fields. This picture features her Gypsy caravan, the wild creatures that visit her garden and her husband who looks after the birds that live in the many trees he has planted since they have been living there. It also features the vegetable garden and the green house she dreams of having one day.This picture is imbued with rich earthy tones and evokes the diversity of nature, the warmth of rural life and the dream of escaping to the country.


Product details:

  • Card size 220mm x 154mm 
  • With green envelope
  • Made in England