Lucy Loveheart - UK artist and designer of original prints and cards


Lucy Loveheart is an international artist, illustrator and designer.

 She has produced a range of paintings, prints, children's books, giftware and fabrics, many of which have since become collectors items.

Lucy has developed her distinctively naive style into highly sought-after and recognisable products. 

Her work has been used in many different areas, from publishing, fabrics, and ceramics to cards, murals, advertising and catalogues - not to mention her own paintings which sell in galleries or are privately commissioned. 

Lucy draws inspiration from childhood memories, the world of make believe, magic, daydreams, enchanted worlds of fantasy and her love of nature and the wilderness. These give her work a timeless and optimistic feel that has built up a huge fan base.  Her paintings are adorned with hearts, flowers, stars, stickers and glitter, and are created in watercolour on handmade recycled papers.